Hand Spinning



IMAG0164designs by amber 1  I was lucky enough to win some wonderful vegan batts from the talented Designs by Amber. Please take a moment to call over to her website http://www.designsbyamber.bigcartel.com/.

I had not handspun since I was 15 so many many years ago. It was weird to try again, and yet as the fibers came together in silky flowing colours, my hands remembered. I forgot to think and the yarn just became. I am a worrier. All my kids know this. My husband knows this, but after spinning I felt calmer than I have all summer. Ok yes, it is a awkward summer, with many unknowns and financial challenges. But I felt at peace, and I also felt connected to my crochet work in a new way. Now that I have re-found this skill, I’m excited to create new more colourful and weird pixie hats. The yarn above is going into a special hat for my little sister’s new son .

 designs by amber

Thank you Designs by Amber!


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