Talking to Daddy on the Wind

Last night I was on my own with the four kids. My 3rd old daughter is trying to sleep in her own room, or more accurately I’m trying to get her to sleep in her own room. Normally she sleeps on either myself or her Daddy, with that all night burrowing into you action. It is making for many sleepless nights.

So there we lay, each in our own room, with the doors open so we could talk.

‘Mommy – what are my boys doing?’

‘Mommy, I think the sun has come up and we are all done sleeping.’

‘Mommy, what you doing?’

‘Mommy, can I play WII?’

And so on. We started bedtime at 8:00 and it was about 9:00 when I realized she had stopped asking me questions and was talking away in the bedroom. She was asking Daddy all the questions she had previously been checking out with me. I said ‘ are you talking to Daddy?’. She answered:

‘Yes Mommy, I can hear him on the wind’ .

 And it was after 10pm when I finally heard her snores.




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