Chicken breeding

We are taking the leap into being proper chicken breeders, I’m now the proud mommy of lavender and cuckoo pekins, lavender aruacaunas and the beginning of a proper flock of speckled sussex. The biggest stress is making sure that the housing is correct, safe and actually predator proof. Seeing as we are in relocation time, I only need about 750 euro to make sure it all is. Lottery win perhaps? ( insert  winking smiley face ) Thankfully the new FC farm has sheds, so Zeus and Hera ( the geese) have a proper locked in house. The egg flock is fine for housing, as well as the ducks. And with that the most boring post of all the Friendly Cove blog posts is coming to an end.


P.S. My children now comment that I love the poultry more than them. Should I be worried? I’ve also only been packing the craft supplies and the books……..


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