Home sick…..

Since the beginning of March, we have not been resident in Friendly Cove Farm due to my asthma getting hugely out of control. My Dear Other Half has spent three weeks cleaning and generally de-cluttering the living quarters and the main bedroom. I’m proud to say that the science fiction section of the library filled eight banana boxes, while poetry came in at a measly three. And that was just the library section in the bedroom. The table downstairs that seats ten people is filled with my felting wool and yarn for me to start sorting though while wearing a mask. I have conflicting feelings about coming home. I’m anxious about the asthma getting bad again, especially during the week when I’m on my own with the kids and trying to hold down the office job. But  I’m so happy to see the eggs the chickens are laying and the peas in the polytunnel. At night in between my wheezing, I can hear the river birds. The stars are bright in the clear spring nights. When we went to school early the other day we even saw a kingfisher.


We no longer have sheep – phew! I will fill you in on the sheep saga another day. Love their wool, not so much the animal. But sadly my geese Zeus and Hera have gone on extended holiday to Drimoleague. I really miss them. For birds, they had a huge presence and the farm is quieter and less protected with them gone. The kids are delighted with their holiday as is the Other Half . Zeus had a habit of waiting until the O.H was bent over buckling the baby into the car seat to bite his bum. It always was an amusing start to the school run.

I’m working hard at focusing on the future. We are down to the last year of paying off O.H’s first marriage custody battle debt. That has been a difficult burden to carry. I guess I never thought we were going to have kids, much less four of them. And thankfully it doesn’t look like we will be launching into divorce battles over them anytime soon.  I hate not being able to treat them because I’m paying off debt. I am also thankful that we can pay it off. We might be always strapped for cash, but we have a good life. Roll on Spring.


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