The Three Worst Things about Today and the Relevant Rainbow Upside

1. My largest jar of plain white sauerkraut that I had been saving up as a special treat against the winter blues has gone mushy. I found this out, as I was about to drop a whole spoonful on my scrambled eggs. Totally my fault – I should have know that it would have spluttered out of liquid being kept in a kilner jar. There is an excellent upside to this – it means I will just have to try my three new secret sauerkraut recipes that are crocking away in their jars. So out with the mushy and bring on the new!

2. My dearest M is away from us up at college. I totally hate Mondays and the splitting up of our family unit – he goes to college for the week, I go to work, sons go to school and Missy Mo heads off to crèche. Honestly it feels like we are all being ripped apart, but like a swiftly removed plaster the worst is over. By tues/weds evening, I’m mostly home again. The kids are moving through their routines and we are looking forward to Le Weekend. And then Himself returns ❤ ❤

3. No sleep. In-between a snoring M, Missy Moo having a fit of the wanders at 3am, the dog needing a pee, and a little mouse nibbling in the walls all night, it has been pretty noisy recently. Upside???? A consistent reminder to be very thankful that I’ve had all my kids – they all got here safe and sound, and at the tender age of 39 these sleepless nights will be eventually behind me.


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