October Mud

Mud in Ireland is inescapable, especially when you have four kids under ten years old, two dogs, a cat and some very friendly free-range chickens. I find that these days I’m spending an inordinate amount of time trying to keep the hallway clean. The drive outside is mostly dirt now, and due to the north facing nature of Friendly Cove, there is little sun dry off for the lawns to drain, so all the excess water pours into the drive, then over the drive, then into the estuary.

Why, do you oh gentle reader ask, why are you writing about mud? Because I cannot control it. Mud entering my home and damp floors and wet socks seem to be my life. I got the flu virus that made the rounds in the kids school and due to my asthma it takes me twice as long as the kids to get back up to speed. Whereas they are outside making mud. My chickens are muddy. My lawns are muddy. Mopping the hallway makes more mud when someone walks on it with shoes, as the house is so cold, the floors stay damp for over 48 hours!

So I am going to take a new approach. Stop cleaning the mud. Contain the entrance area and make sure darling husband stops walking to the tool room in his wellies. And be ok with the lovely group of people who visit my house seeing a muddy floor at the entrance.  It will dry if left alone, and then is easily swept up. The weather will change. Children and husbands will learn to leave their shoes at the door. I will finish the hats I’m making in trade for a unique and wonderful wellie stand from https://www.facebook.com/LittleWoodAndPieces .

I will conquer mud. I will….. I will???


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