Running on Coffee Or I have the best 10yr old EVER!

The first thing I think about when I wake up is how to sneak downstairs very quietly, make myself a lovely fragrant cup of drip filtered coffee, add cold milk and then sneak back up without waking the kids or the husband ( who might need me to bring him a cup of tea). This may appear selfish, superficial or just simply indulgent, but it is honestly my first thought.  Sometimes it is the less than poetic ‘ Oh shit am I late? ‘ – meaning late for work, meeting, child pickup etc. But always as I stare at the ceiling light, the concept of quiet coffee returns.

That early morning time, when babies and chickens alike sleep, is so precious to me. I can totally relax, be Eve without being Eve the Mommy, Eve the Farmer, Eve the Lifepartner. It recharges me unlike anything else.

So the next time you catch your Misses/Sister/Mom/Auntie on the stairs, coffee in hand returning to bed, don’t judge. Just hide around the corner, and let her continue in blissful ignorance of your presence. I caught my lovely son doing just this for me the other morning. He didn’t realise that I had seen him, and proudly told me later in the day – that he had wanted to give me some alone time.

Honestly – I have the best  ten year old EVER!


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